Vehicle Requirements

When doing a trail day with Corridor Crawlers, we will have tech inspections prior to hitting the trails. Make sure you go over this checklist yourself before attending the event. This will make everything easier for those doing tech inspection and ensure you don’t get turned away for something that cannot be fixed in the field.
Please let a tech inspector know of any known issues before the inspection. One bad mark on inspection may not necessarily get you failed for club tech but will be noted and will be at the parks discretion.
ALL drivers must be 16 years of age or older and have proof of basic liability insurance and all passengers must be accounted for.

Minimum Requirements
⦁ Brakes must be in working order.
⦁ Roll Bar: Any open vehicle must have a roll bar firmly attached. If vehicle uses a fiberglass body the roll bar must be attached to frame. Roll bar or factory roof must cover all passengers with adequate head clearance. All roll cages need to be inspected.
⦁ Seat belts are required for all vehicle occupants on the trails. Must be worn at all times and be functioning properly. Factory or 4-point harness.
⦁ Fiberglass tops must have side glass in them
⦁ Fire Extinguisher: Must be of at least 2 lb of an ABC rating and securely mounted within driver reach. Must show a full charge and seals be intact.
⦁ Tow Strap: Must have good condition strap with looped ends. NO HOOKS. Must be of at least 20 feet and at least 20,000 lbs unless otherwise cleared with a Tech Inspector. No chains. Bubba ropes allowed.
⦁ Winches: Anyone with a winch will have a cable inspection and operation. Winches are not to be used as a recovery point. Winches need to be appropriately sized to vehicle size and terrain conditions. Winch owners will need a cable weight bag or something to drape over cable in case of breakage. If winch is not in working order it needs to be disabled.
⦁ TOW POINTS: Must be equipped with proper front and rear tow points. No weld on shackles or tow hooks will be accepted. Soft Shackles allowed. Points need to be a tow hook bolted to the frame with Grade 8 or 10.9 (metric equivalent Hardware, Or Welded to Bumper or Strong enough frame cross member. D Shackle, ring eyes (will be inspected by welder and tech inspector). D, Bow, Ring Shackles will only be accepted if in form of screw or cotter style (with the proper pin) removable type in at least a 3/4 size pin or bigger.
⦁ Fuel Cells: If used they must be securely mounted and not leaking anywhere. Non factory fuel tanks must be mounted to the frame, have a roll over valve and vented outside
⦁ Spare Tire: A fully inflated spare tire same size or no more than 1-inch difference than currently on the vehicle. Any size smaller then on current vehicle is to be decided by tech inspector if safe or not. Must be able to remove wheel and/or wheel spacers/adaptors with the tools you have.
⦁ Glass: All Vehicle glass must be in decent condition with no dangerous cracks. Cracks cannot be in driver’s line of sight.
⦁ Lug wrench, lug nut keys for locking nuts (if needed), and working jack capable of lifting vehicle.
⦁ Leaks: No Excessive leaks. We’re trying to tread lightly respect our environment
⦁ Lights: Must have Working Headlights, Brake lights. At least one brake light for trail only rigs.
⦁ Chassis: Vehicle Chassis must be in good safe operating condition
⦁ Gear: All gear must be securely tied down when on the trail including tools, coolers, recovery gear.
⦁ Battery: Must be securely mounted under hood or floor/body. Must be vented outside and terminals covered.

Other Recommended Items
⦁ CB Radio – some parks require
⦁ Toolkit – basic or what your rig requires
⦁ High lift Jack
⦁ Shovel
⦁ Winch
⦁ Flags – some parks require them

All Vehicles will have a Major inspection when joining the club any changes made to your vehicle after your major inspection will subject you to another to make sure everything is within spec. This is for your safety and ours. This also makes us able to have insurance which is necessary for everything we do. Have fun and stay safe